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We do not sell or install Double Glazing, a genuine REPAIR ONLY company


Professional Door Lock Repair Service, local Bexley UPVC Door Lock Specialist

The Window Wizard is a local UPVC door lock specialist, based in the Bexley area. Providing a Double Glazing Door Lock Repair Service Sidcup, Welling, Erith, Dartford and the surrounding area. We aim to Solve all your double glazing front door lock problems. David our technician, is a UPVC door lock specialist. Having over 25 years’ experience in the trade, additionally David has advanced City & Guilds and other relevant qualifications. Our company ‘The Window Wizard’, has a unique quality. We do not sell or install double glazing, unlike 99% of other local double glazing repairers. Offering a UPVC door Repairs service, we do not offer any door or window insulation. Therefore it is in both ours and our customer’s interest, to offer you a cost-effective repair. Insuring that you don’t need the expense and upheaval of a new door, when your existing door lock can be fixed or replaced.

We offer our customers a locksmith and double glazing door lock repair service, two services in one. Whether you have a jammed shut door or need a complete new multi lock replacement. The Window Wizard offers a competitive door lock repair service. Double glazing front door lock problems, at fixed competitive prices.

A genuine double glazing repair ONLY Company that you can trust.

Because David is a UPVC door lock specialist, he is able to convert discontinued locks to an alternative modern multi-point locking system. Unlike many other double glazing companies, whose only alternative would be to install a new door?

Don’t just take our word for it, please feel free to read our Google reviews and website feedback.

Contact Us for a friendly chat to discuss your faulty or broken double glazed door problems. Uniquely 85% of the time, David is can diagnose if the door problem is a broken multi-point locking system or a misaligned door over the phone. Because we only cover a small local area and only carrying out repairs, most appointments are available within 1 or 2 days.

Call 020 8310 4193 now to speak to David our expert double glazing repairman.

Your door lock repair service specialist.

UPVC Front Door Lock Problems Swanley, Bexleyheath, Dartford

About us

David The Window Wizard specializes in all UPVC double glazed multi point door locking systems. Most locksmiths companies, renew the broken lock without rectifying the original cause of the problem. However David offers a full door alignment service when renewing all customer locks as standard practice. In our experience most UPVC door locks fail due to misalignment. Very few locks break due to being worn out or old.

Who carry’s out the repairs?

Our highly skilled tradesman David, has City & Guilds advanced qualifications in carpentry. Having over 25 years’ experience in the lock industry. Offering his knowledge and ability to correctly replace your old door lock. Also at the same time David will rectify your initial problem which caused your door lock to break. We pride ourselves on our technical expertise and wealth of experience. David provides our customers with the best door lock repair service and value for money. All your double glazing front door lock problems solved and fixed in one visit.

Double glazing UPVC local repair Erith

The Window Wizard Door Lock Repair Service Credentials

  • Fair prices
  • Locksmith service
  • Genuine no fix no fees
  • No call out fee, No inspection fee
  • Experienced, qualified and professional door lock repair service
  • We are NOT a multi-national franchise
  • You will always have the same tradesman David, carryout your door lock repairs
  • Friendly local family run business
  • Fully insured

The Window Wizard Toolbox Bexley

Identifying your Double Glazing front door lock problems

Below is a list of common Double Glazing front door lock problems. I am able to offer an affordable and professional service to repair your door. If you have any of the problems listed or any other Double Glazing front door lock problems, then please call David The Window Wizard

  1. My front door multi-lock is broken?
  2. Our UPVC door rubs on the door frame and is catching at the bottom?
  3. The door handles are floppy and loose?
  4. My Double Glazed front door won’t lock?
  5. The door will only lock with the Key on the inside and I am unable to lock the door from the outside?
  6. Only my inner door handle works so I can’t double lock and fully lock my door?
  7. My door has gaps and is drafty?
  8. Only the outer door handle works and won’t operate the lock, so I can only open the door with the key on the inside?
  9. Our UPVC door is leaking and letting in water?
  10. My door handle is notchy, so I have to force the handle up to lock my front door?
  11. The door key unlocks but the handle won’t move, so I can’t open my front door?
  12. When the door handle is down, the hooks and bolts do not fully retract so I can not open the door?
  13. The door key just spins in the lock so I can’t unlock or open my door?
  14. My key won’t turn in my door lock?
  15. I have broken my key in the door lock?
  16. Our front door handle has broken off?
  17. I can lock the door but I can’t remove my key?
  18. The door handle feels like it is going to fall off?
  19. My upvc door hinge is loose or broken?
  20. Our front door needs adjusting or realigning?

Will I have to wait long for a replacement lock?

We carry a large stock of UPVC door locking systems and associated parts in The Window Wizard van. Most repairs can be carried out in a single visit. Special order multi-locks can be fitted with 2-3 working days. We only use top quality lock components and never use cheap copy parts. All new locks and parts that we fit are guaranteed for your peace of mind. Your local Double Glazing Door Lock Repair Service, that always puts customers first.

Call 020 8310 4193 now to book an appointment for a door alignment to prevent your door lock from breaking.

Common Double Glazing front door lock problems

This sounds strange but I have come across a few UPVC and Composite front doors lately that can be opened with just the outside handle when not fully locked (fully locked = lift handle plus turn key)

Of Course a front door should not be able to be opened from the outside without a key. Furthermore if your front door does open with just the outside handle then you may have a back/porch door style lock fitted inside your front door (fairly common) or the correct fittings have not been fitted inside your handles (also fairly common) or your locking system could be part broken.

Also I have noticed that a lot of UPVC, composite and aluminium doors spring back open when you shut them, I can also fix this problem (some people just lift the handle to hold the door shut but this will cause excess ware on the handle and locking mechanism). In addition click here for our composite door services.

Are you having Double Glazing front door lock problems?

We can renew or replace multi point locks, for your Double Glazed front or back door.

Door Lock Repair and Replacement of multi point locking UPVC Swanley, Bexleyheath, Dartford

We fit window and door brands such as: ABT, AGB, Asgard, AVC, Avantis, Avocet, Azbe, CEGO, Elite, ERA, Fab & Fix, Fuhr, Fullex, Gridlock, GU, Hoppe, Kendrick, KFV, Lockmaster, Maco, Mila, Millenco, Roto, Safeware, Saracen, Schuring, Securistyle, Si, Sobinco, Surelock, Technal, Triad, Trojan, Union, Winkhaus, Yale and many more…

Why has my door lock stopped working?

Is your front or back door difficult to operate and requires extra force to lift the handle or lock? The most common cause for the lock to break or fail, would be if the door was out of alignment.  With David’s expertise and knowledge, he specializes in technical door alignments.  Most Locksmiths do not carry out door alignment checks when they renew locks. Many Locksmiths tell customers that if they have a problem lifting the door handles, this is due to a faulty locking mechanism but this is not always the case. Stiff or notches handles are more likely due to bad door misalignment. So customers might not require a new lock, just a door adjustment.

How we can help you?

A customer recently contacted us as she was having trouble with her back door lock which had jammed shut. The homeowner had previously spoken to a Locksmith who had stated he could not open the door without possibly damaging the plastic door or frame. Many people posing as Locksmith’s have minimal training and skill. David has the skills and knowledge to successfully open your jammed shut doors without damage. A new multi-lock is not always necessary as the lock can be repaired and a less expensive option for our customers. If David is unable to open the door, then the customer will not be charged any fees. We inform all our customers during our telephone call or online communications of our fixed costs to open your jammed doors, repair your door locks or replace your multi-point door lock.

I do not know the age or manufacturer of my door, can you still help?

Don’t worry if your door lock or door handles does not have any manufacturers markings or names as many don’t. We will be able to identify your lock or handles and offer a repair or replacement. Even if your door lock is very old and discontinued, we can offer a conversion to a more modern door locking system. With every lock repair or replacement we carry out we always check and align the door and make sure that the door locks smoothly and correctly.

A door lock repair company you can trust a UPVC Door Lock Specialist

  • 2 million pounds public liability insurance
  • Fully qualified with Advanced City & Guilds
  • Awards in Customer Care and Health & Safety
  • Business card given on arrival
  • All appointments are logged into a work diary
  • Exact appointment times are available if required
  • Digital camera for taking photos of rare broken door parts enabling us to email photos to our suppliers all over the UK
  • Logo embroidered company uniform worn
  • Safety gloves / equipment used when necessary
  • We always wipe our feet before entering your property (we will respect your home like our own)
  • Non-smoking Tradesman
  • We will fully inspect the works required and advise you of the total cost for the repair and agree a fixed price before commencing any work
  • Additionally, dust sheets are always used where appropriate
  • David also carries a cordless handheld vacuum cleaner. Leaving the work area clean and tidy
  • We will never swear or use any inappropriate language
  • After the repair is completed we will ask you to inspect and test the repair for your complete satisfaction
  • Payment receipts are always available and our workmanship is of course fully guaranteed


Your Local Double Glazing Door Lock Repair Service  Our Company Vehicle

  • Our Window Wizard van is fully sign written so easily identifiable
  • Smart / modern and will not leak oil on your driveway
  • Compact small van that is suitable to park in busy residential areas
  • Fitted with a built-in satellite navigation system
  • Built-in Bluetooth mobile phone system, so we can answer the phone legally while driving
  • Equipped with a 2kw petrol generator and 12v 1.2kw vehicle inverter if mains power is not available but required
  • All power tools are PAT safety tested
  • Our van is always fully stocked with the most common parts and we also use an inventory to keep track of stock levels.

Double glazing local door lock repair service Sidup, Bexleyheath, Dartford


10 Common reasons for UPVC double glazed door lock failure:

  1. Dropped Door (not hinges)
  2. Incorrectly adjusted door hinges
  3. Worn or damaged door hinges
  4. Lack of lubrication / oil
  5. Intruder damage
  6. Faulty internal door handle components (springs/spindles)
  7. Worn or faulty key cylinder / barrel
  8. Worn, damaged or badly cut key
  9. Broken multi point locking system
  10. Excessive force used on the handles

Door lock repair service for upvc doors Bexleyheath

How to test if the door lock (lift lever type) is the problem or the door alignment is the problem:
  1. With the door open try to lift the handles and turn the key. Furthermore if this works, your lock is in working order. Therefore your door will only require a re-alignment to fix the issue.
  2. In addition if your handle will lift with the door open but the key won’t turn. Consequently it is most likely to be a cylinder / barrel issue but could also be a multi lock problem.
  3. However, if your handles won’t lift with the door open? Then it is most likely a lock problem

Call David your UPVC Door Lock Specialist 020 8310 4193 for an affordable door lock repair service

Different styles of front door locks:

Please be aware that most front door locks operate differently to back door, porch door, French door, patio door and tilt and slide door locks.

Different styles of Front Door Locks:

  1. Front door lock with the handles at the same level, hence these types of locks use a split spindle to allow the inner and outer handles to operate differently.
  2. Front door lock with an outside handle lower than the inside handle, these lock using a twin spindle system to allow the inner and outer handles to operate separately.
  3. Front door lock with a fixed outer handle and push down inner lever handle. These older style locks allow the inner handle to open the latch part of the lock and therefore require a key on the outside to fully lock and open the door.
  4. Fixed inner and outer handle, this type of older style locks only operate with the key from both sides.
  5. Front door locks that have lift handles on both sides of the door but allow the outside handle to open the door, this is incorrect for a front door and either not installed correctly or the wrong model of lock for a front door.
  6. Customers with front door locks with lift handles on both sides but automatically fully locks when lifting a handle, these locks are called auto locks which always require a key to unlock them after lifting the handle.

Double Glazing Door Lock Repair Service Sidcup, for double glazed floppy door handle Dartford       Double Glazing Door Lock Repair Service Sidcup, Door Lock and Handle for UPVC double glazed multi lock

Common faults with double glazed door locks:
  1. My front door key won’t turn? This is because either a damaged key, faulty cylinder, dropped door or faulty multi point lock.
  2. The key turns but the handles will not move?  Your cause of the problem, maybe due to a jammed multi lock.
  3. My key turns and the handles spin but the door will not open? The customer may have either faulty handles or a broken locking system.
  4. The door handles will not lift when the door is closed? This is a result of a dropped door or a lock problem.
  5. Why are my door handles really stiff to lift? The most likely cause would be a misaligned door.
  6. My front door latch can be opened using the outside handle without the need for a key? Call now for a chat to discuss the door problem further.
  7. I can’t remove my key when the door is locked? Please call for a free quotation.
  8. My door bounces back open when I close it unless I lift the handle to keep it shut?  This could be due to either the latch part of the lock not working or the door is misaligned.
  9. The door key is stiff to turn or difficult to insert into the lock barrel? A common cause for this problem is lack of lubrication. Customers can try applying a little oil on the key and working in and out of the cylinder. If the key is still tight then the barrel or key might be worn or damaged and need replacing.
  10. My door handles are loose, wobbly, floppy, stiff, notchy or broken off? This maybe either lack of lubrication, worn handles, broken springs, faulty lock etc. all fixable.

Door Lock Replacement Barrel Cylinder for UPVC door locks Locksmith DartfordDouble Glazing Door Lock Repair Service Sidcup, Double glazing front door lock problems fixed Dartford

Please Click here to read more information about lower door panel replacement.

Honest and clear pricing

We like to be clear and honest with our customers and prices are provided on the phone. We have no call out fee. If the job is different to what we originally thought, David will not carry out any unnecessary work.

As a UPVC door lock specialist, The Window Wizard’s Van is fully stocked with the most common multi-point door locks. Therefore we are able to repair your door and have it fully working in 1 visit.

Call David or Clare now to discuss your double glazing door problems and book an appointment 0208 310 4193

Area The Window Wizard Covers in SE London and Kent
Double Glazing Door Lock Repair Service Sidcup

David The Window Wizard carry’s out all your double glazing repairs including, Door repairs, window repairs and lock repairs to the following areas:
Abbey Wood, Albany Park, Barnehurst, Bean, Bexley, Bexleyheath, Belvedere, Blackfen, Bluewater, Bursted Wood, Crayford, Crockenhill, Darenth, Dartford, Eltham, Erith, Falconwood, Foots Cray, Greenhithe, Hawley, Hextable, Horton Kirby, Mottingham, New Eltham, Northumberland Heath, Saint Mary Cray, St Paul’s Cray, Sidcup, Slade Green, Stone, Sutton at Hone, Swanley, Swanscombe, Thamesmead, Welling, Wilmington.
We are able to provide our services in the following postcode areas:
DA1 DA2 DA5 DA6 DA7 DA8 DA9 DA10 DA14 DA15 DA16 DA17 DA18 SE2 SE9 SE28 BR8

The Window Wizard UPVC window & Door repair service area map Bexley

We are a repair only company so we do not install new double glazing or sell parts, we offer a professional supply and fit service. If your front door has any problems from bouncing back open to a broken door lock, then please give me a call or email and I will do my best to help.

Your local Double Glazing Window Doctor & UPVC Door Lock Specialist

Call 020 8310 4193 Now for a competitive price for our door lock repair service

The Window Wizard – Call: 020 8310 4193 Mobile: 079 5058 2631 

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Double glazing repair company, for all your UPVC window and door problems. Local friendly family run business, Professional and qualified with 25+ years experience, fixed honest prices. Locksmith and double glazing door lock repair service. Call for a free quote

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