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Child Safety window hinges, Fire Escape, Easy Clean

Supplied & Fitted Child safety window hinges, fire escape window hinges & child safety catches

Specialist Window Hinges supplied & fitted including Child Saftey, Fire Escape, Easy Clean as well as Child safety catches.

Please call The Window Wizard to have your specialist window hinges replaced Call: 0208 310 4193

The Window Wizard carries all different types and sizes of upvc and aluminium double glazing window hinges. Along with all our other repair parts stock on our van. Equally important for our customer’s convenience, we can fix your double glazing problem in one visit.

Our van is fully stocked with child safety window hinges, fire escape window hinges and child safety catches.

We supply and fit the following types of hinges:

  • Fire Escape Hinges
  • Child Safety Hinges
  • Easy Clean Hinges
  • Standard Double Glazing Window Hinges
  • Narrow Rail UPVC Window Hinges

Fire Escape Window Hinges Supplied & Fitted

Have you been informed by your local Council that your window hinges are not Fire escape hinges? Therefore the hinges do not pass the Building Regulations, consequently your extension cannot be signed off?

We can supply and fit all types of window hinges. Including fire escape hinges that comply with Building Regulations.

Please see below ‘Before and After’ photograph of standard window hinges, which were replaced for fire escape hinges. You can see in photo 2 that the fire escape hinges allow the window to open a lot wider. As the current local Building Regulations state that the opening must be a minimum of 450mm in width and height.

Standard window hinge not fire escape Bexleyheath
Fire escape upvc window hinges Welling, Kent

Building Regulations for Means of Escape information

Only one window per room is generally required to provide a means of escape. If your local Council requests an escape window for a new extension or existing dwelling. The following criteria, as shown below should be followed. In addition it is also generally good practice to replace any window on the first floor that is not used, with an escape window. Above all your local Council will be happy to inform you of their latest regulations and rules.

The general criteria for fire escape egress window hinges/window opening sizes:

  • Width – No less than 450mm
  • Height – No less than 450mm
  • Clear Openable Area – No less than 0.33m² (allowing access/passage or a view through an empty space; not closed or blocked)
  • Cill height – The bottom of the open-able area should be no more than 1100mm above the floor area.

If you would like to convert your standard window hinges to the fire escape, child safety hinges or easy clean hinges? I can carry out this service in one visit.

Child Safety Window Hinges

If you have young children, you may be concerned about the large opening of your windows upstairs?

We can solve this problem in one trip and change your existing window hinges with a specially designed pair of child safety hinges. The hinge only allows the window to be open a small amount. However, if you decide you want the window open more. Then there is a child proof release button that allows only the adult to open the window further. These type of window hinges, are the same hinges that the local council requires all landlords to have fitted on their properties.

Please click here for more information on renewing your window hinges

Double glazing window hinge restrictor child safety Bexley

Child Safety Window Catches

I stock both locking with a key and non-locking double glazed window child safety catches. Therefore you can choose which type of window catch suits your windows best.

We can fit stand alone child safety catches to your UPVC double glazed windows if required.

Child Safety Window Catch not fitted Child safety window catch fitted after photograph

If you are thinking of letting your property it might be worth fitting child proof window locks before your new tenants move in.

Also to pass some building regulations child safety catches are normally required, just give us a call and we will be happy to give you a price to supply and fit child safety catches.

Website: www.TheWindowWizard.Biz – The Window Wizard – Call: 020 8310 4193 – Mobile: 079 5058 2631

Specialist Window Hinges supplied & fitted Child Saftey, Fire Escape, Easy Clean
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Specialist Window Hinges supplied & fitted Child Saftey, Fire Escape, Easy Clean
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We supply & fit specialist Window Hinges including Child Saftey, Fire Escape, Easy Clean as well as Child safety catches. Our hinges comply with Bexley Building Regulations. All specialist hinges are stocked and can be replaced in one visit.

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