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Conservatory Door Repair & Specialist in Conservatory Double Glazing Repairs

Local Conservatory Double Glazing Repairs, in Bexley, Sidcup, Erith, Swanley, Welling, Dartford and Beyond. Is your conservatory starting to feel a bit worn and tired? Are your conservatory windows or door no longer working how they used to? You would be surprised what a difference an affordable repair would make to your conservatory appearance and usability. David, The Window Wizard specialises in Conservatory Door Repair. Including fixing French doors or a single UPVC door. Repairing your conservatory is more cost-effective, quicker and nit to mention, causing you less inconvenience or upheaval. A stiff misaligned or dropped door can be a nightmare to shut and lock, especially in the hot weather. Do you need a conservatory door repair? David will fixed your door at an agreed price with no call-out fee to re-align your door. A door adjustment will have your conservatory door working like new. So that your door is closing smoothly and no more struggling or fighting to shut it.

Conservatory Double Glazing Door Repairs and Lock Repairs

We specialise in Conservatory door repairs such as:
  • David will re-align and adjust your misaligned conservatory door.
  • We replace door hinges.
  • Broken UPVC multi-point locking systems repair or replacement.
  • We can upgrade or renew the door Euro cylinders.
  • If your door shoot bolts or lock keeps are missing or broken, we can replace them.
  • Wobbly or loose conservatory door handles can be renewed.
  • Slave Door / 2nd opening door components can be replaced.
  • We supply & fit door restrictors, to stop your conservatory door from swinging open. Or ripping the door off its hinges.
  • Worn or perished rubber window seals & door gaskets replaced.
  • Damaged UPVC reinforced door panels replaced.
Consequently, if you would like further information? Please click here to read more details on door restrictors and Conservatory window & door Repairs

UPVC Window Conservatory Double Glazing Repairs

Conservatories tend to get very hot in the summer. Whats more there is nothing worse than if you can’t open your window, because it is jammed shut. There is no need to suffer or sweat with lack of ventilation. As David, our lock specialist can open your jammed shut window.  Without any damage to your frame, for an affordable fixed price. A new pair of window hinges can stop drafts, gaps and make it a lot easier to open or close your window. Or call for a FREE quote if you fancy a change and want to upgrade your window and door handles to the latest trends.

Conservatory Window Repairs

As well as Conservatory door repairs we also provide conservatory window repairs:
  • Jammed or Locked windows opened.
  • Broken mechanisms replaced.
  • Dropped window openers realigned.
  • Rubber window gaskets / seals renewed.
  • Gaps and drafts cured.
  • Faulty window handles renewed or upgraded.
  • Bent or worn window hinges replaced.
  • Fire Escape or child restrictive hinges fitted.
  • Lost window keys replaced.
  • French door restrictors supplied and fitted.
  • Window Alignments
  • Extra Security devices
  • Window Mechanisms and Gearboxes
Conservatory door and window repairs Bexleyheath

Conservatory Door Panels

Our UPVC reinforced door panels that we supply and fit are the ideal for replacing broken or damaged double glazed units in your conservatory door or lower glass panels. Or if you have existing broken or damaged conservatory door panel, maybe you would like to upgrade your standard panel for extra security with our UPVC reinforced door panels? The UPVC reinforced door panels which we supply and fit consist of two outer layers of white PVC sheet with a MDF sheet sandwiched between two layers of polystyrene foam insulation.  This means the panels are not only extremely strong but also offer excellent thermal insulation. All Panels Comply with BS5750 and are resistant to both heat and Moisture, The Result is a core material free of CFC’s with rigid fire retardant skin, which is proof against rotting, weathering or warping.

What type of door do I have?

Conservatory Door what type of door do I have

How do I know if I have an Aluminium Door?

Aluminium front and back doors have slimmer frames than a UPVC doors. An aluminium door and frame feel cooler to touch than a UPVC door. Although your door may look like a white UPVC door, the aluminium door and frame maybe powder coated. One of the benefits of power coating is that the aluminium doors or windows are unlikely to discolour, rust or peel, giving a long-lasting appearance. An aluminium door will fit inside a wood surround where as UPVC doors do not incorporate any wood framework.

What does a UPVC Door look like?

UPVC doors have thicker frames then an aluminium door and can therefore look a little bulky. Equally important, the thickness of the UPVC frame doorways can have a narrower opening compared to a aluminium door. UPVC doors require very little maintenance as they do not incorporate any wood.
What are the advantages of a UPVC Door?
  1. UPVC front and back doors are low maintenance, only a lubrication of 3 in 1 oil twice a year.
  2. No painting or staining is required.
  3. Unlike most wooden doors, UPVC plastic doors are fitted with a high security multipoint locking system
  4. Unlike aluminium doors, extra security devices can be added.
  5. UPVC doors are well insulated and come in a range of designs.
What are the disadvantages of a UPVC Door?
  1. The plastic can discolour
  2. The colour effect such as wood grain can peel away or bubble from the door or frame.
  3. Due to the thickness of the UPVC frame, doors tend to have a narrow appearance and less area of glass and light compared to an aluminium door.
How do I know if I have French doors or patio doors?
French Doors are a pair of doors that swing on hinges. However most pairs of doors swing outwards but occasional some can open inwardly. Patio Doors are two doors with one fixed door and also one door that slides from side to side on wheels / rollers. Therefore the doors work by sliding open and are not fixed by hinges.
What are Bi-folding doors / folding doors?
Bi-folding doors are two or more doors that fold together using hinges and a guide track top and bottom.
UPVC Reinforced Door Panels
Does your UPVC front or back door panel have a split, crack, hole, warped or rippled? In addition is the upvc panel scratched, damaged, faded or discoloured? Does your door have a cat flap or dog flap fitted that you no longer require? Or if you require extra privacy how about swapping your lower glass panels for a UPVC reinforced door panels? We supply and fit all sizes and thickness UPVC reinforced door panels to suit your double glazing door. We only use the best panels that are reinforced and comply with BS5750 which is both heat and moisture resistant with a rigid fire retardant skin. Call The Window Wizard for a free quote. Your Local UPVC Window and Door Repair Specialist
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